The Gifted Four were enjoying a sunny afternoon in the MysticGarden. Orak looked up from his ‘The Book of Everything and said, “I heard the best science news last Thursday. Two spacecraft will be sent together to orbit Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun in our solar system.”

“There he goes, spilling science and tech facts again,” Scorch pouted and then smiled softly, “but I’ll allow it this time. This is interesting, tell us more!”

Orak happily continued, “They will be launched together in Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, from Florida in the United States. Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company in the United States. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected it for this.

These spacecraft will be launching in 2024. They are being sent to study the magnetic field of the red planet Mars. Many planets are like giant magnets, which exert an invisible force around them. We call this the magnetic field.”

“Is it important for a planet to have a magnetic field,” Felix asked.

“Sometimes, magnetic fields protect the planet. The planet on which humans and we Mysticals live – our dear Earth – is protected by its magnetic field. If Earth didn’t have a magnetic field, the Sun’s radiation could have entered the Earth and there it would cause harm,” Orak explained.

“What’s so interesting about Mars then,” Scorch scratched her head.

“Scientists have found many things that suggest Mars had water before. Missions like this can help scientists understand why the planet is so dry now,” Orak said.

“Oh, my Mysticlord! I’m so glad the Earth has a good magnetic field. I’m excited to see how this ‘love story’ pans out,” Verum said excitedly.

“Me too,” Orak smiled.