It was a cold morning in MysticLand. Orak was repairing his Tempus Machine. Felix was reading and Verum was watching something on the crystal ball. Scorch came running inside the dorm room, “A few days ago, England won the T20 World Cup. It defeated Pakistan in a nail-biting match.”
“Congratulations to the winning team, but Scorch, you need to breathe, breathe,” Felix quickly rushed to Scorch and patted her on the back. Scorch was excited about the news.
“That’s great!” Orak said, “The T20 World Cup is cricket, right?”
“Yes,” Verum replied while Scorch took deep breaths, “Twenty20 (T20) is a shorter format of cricket. It has 20 overs. The tournament was held in Australia and 12 teams competed for the World Cup!” informed Scorch.
“Tell us more about the match, Scorch,” said Felix.
“England is a two-time champion of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan made 137 runs in the 20 overs at the loss of eight wickets. England’s players played very well and made 138 runs by losing only five wickets. That’s how they won the match,” said Scorch.
Orak remembered, “Scorch, what happened to the Indian team? It also played in the World Cup, right?”
“Yes, it did. England defeated India in the semi-finals and so the Indian team could not reach the finals,” replied Scorch.
“Oh! That’s so sad. I hope all the teams play well,” remarked Orak.
“Well, in sports, the best team wins,” asserted Scorch.