The Gifted Four were strolling in the MysticForest. It was dusk time. The sound of different birds and shrieks of the MysticBeasts filled the air. Orak was tiptoeing. He was afraid he would step on any creepy crawly. “Aw, look! What is this?” said Orak.
“Mushrooms! These are mushrooms growing on the tree log. Mushrooms are the prettiest of all the fungi (a fungus is a plant without leaves, or flowers and is not green in color),” replied Felix, “That reminds me, recently a rare fungus was discovered in the United Kingdom.
“What do you mean by rare,” asked Scorch.
“A volunteer at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, United Kingdom, found this rare-looking fungus. It has been found to be medicinal and very useful,” replied Felix.
“Woah! What is so special about the fungus found in Cornwall,” Verum asked.
“The fungus is called lion’s mane mushroom. Lion’s mane is super rare in Britain. It contains dozens of useful nutrients. It is found that this fungus can help in treating brain-related health problems and has many health benefits. It has been kept in a cage to protect it,” informed Felix.
“Lion’s mane? What a funny name for a fungus,” Orak said.
“It looks like a lion’s mane, that’s why the name,” Felix said with a smile. 
“Nature is so fascinating,” Scorch said as the Mysticals continued their trail.