“You will not believe this!” Scorch told her friends. “Many people and companies are buying land in the metaverse. In the last 12 months, they have spent a total of $2bn (£1.75bn) on land in the metaverse! That’s a lot of money in the human world!” 
“Woah!” Orak exclaimed. 
“What is the idea behind metaverse?” Felix wanted to know if he should also buy land and build many, many gardens! 
“Let me explain what a metaverse is,” Scorch said. 
“Metaverse is a virtual world. Virtual means not existing physically but is made up of technology or software. Now, the metaverse is an unreal, online world, where humans and Mysticals can live, work, and play. But it is not real. It exists only on the internet. That’s why it is called virtual reality. 
Humans and Mysticals can use the metaverse world with the help of special glasses called VR (Virtual Reality) goggles,” Scorch explained. 
“Oh, bummer. It means my plants will not be real if I plant them in the metaverse garden,” Felix replied. Now he was thinking what is the use of a garden if it cannot give fruits, oxygen, and shade to living beings?
Scorch nodded excitedly, “What’s even more interesting is that there is not one metaverse. Right now, different companies have their own metaverse. And people are buying land in these metaverses. Many believe it will be the next big thing on the internet!”