“Hurray!” Scorch shouted at the top of her lungs. She had read the best news of the day. Scorch was completing her project in the school library. But she could not wait to tell her friends about this news. Scorch rushed to the dorm room.
“Mysticals, listen! Indian men and women cricketers who play international matches will now get equal fees for all the matches they play,” Scorch declared.
“That’s fantastic news, Scorch!” Orak said.
“I feel so happy!” Verum said.
“Me too!” Scorch replied.
“Was it not equal before,” asked Felix, who walked into the dorm room from his garden.
Scorch explained, “No! In India, cricket is a popular sport. There are two teams that play international matches. One is the men’s cricket team and the other is the women’s cricket team. These teams compete with teams from different countries.
But until now, the women’s cricket team was not getting paid the amount that the men’s team was getting. It was less, unequal.”
“This is unfair. If the men’s and women’s teams play the same sport, why was the women’s team paid less?” Felix scratched his ears in confusion.
Verum said, “This is known as ‘gender inequality’. In gender equality, men get more rights or benefits than women. In the case of Indian cricket teams, it was the inequality of fees!”
“Yes,” Scorch nodded her head, “and that is why the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) took a great decision to stop this inequality. A few days ago, it announced that everyone would get the same payment. BCCI is the governing body for cricket in India.”
“Yaaaay!” The Mysticals cheered, “Equality for all!”