Escargots mean snails! Not just any snails – only the ones that live on land. They are a famous appetizer in France, and are even enjoyed today in Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, and Portugal.

The flavor of the dish comes from the garlic and butter gravy in which the snails are cooked along with herbs like parsley or thyme. Some chefs even call the sauce ‘snail butter’. Now, you must be wondering what these slow creatures feel like in the mouth. Well, their texture is soft and they taste a bit earthy. That’s a nice combination!

Surprisingly, they’re removed from their shells and cooked; they may be tossed back into their shells while serving. Diners must remove them to eat by using special snail tongs to hold the shell and a snail fork to pull the meat out. However, the French are known to enjoy their escargots on freshly toasted baguettes.