“Fascinating news, Mysticals!” exclaimed Orak with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes, “The Euclid space telescope embarked on an incredible quest at the beginning of this month to unravel the mysteries of the Universe!”
Verum’s eyebrows shot up in curiosity, “Pray, tell! What mysteries?”
“Dark matter and dark energy,” Orak replied with a knowing smile, “Euclid aims to shed light on these elusive forces that shape our cosmos.”
“What is dark matter and dark energy?” Scorch was curious.
“Dark matter is an invisible substance that holds galaxies together like an invisible glue. Dark energy is a mysterious force that makes the Universe expand faster and faster, like an invisible wind pushing everything apart,” Orak explained.
“How will Euclid study such complicated things?” Verum asked.
“Even though we can’t see dark matter directly, telescopes can detect its presence. Euclid will use this technique to create a wondrous 3D map of the Universe, unravelling the secrets hidden within the vast expanse of space.
Through mapping (giving an idea or information on how something is arranged) of how the dark matter is spread, Euclid will reveal its hidden influence on galaxies and their magnificent shapes. It’s like uncovering the invisible threads that hold the cosmic elements together,” explained Orak.
Felix’s eyes sparkled with wonder, “And what about dark energy?”
Orak modulated his voice a little to sound mysterious, “Euclid will study the distribution of galaxies through observing patterns and clues.”
Felix beamed with excitement, “With each piece of the cosmic puzzle Euclid uncovers, we will inch closer to unravelling the secrets of our origins and the awe-inspiring billions of years old journey of our precious Universe.”
The Gifted Four exchanged knowing glances.