When Scorch stormed in, Orak was having evening tea at the Wiggle-House Cafe. A startled Orak spilt some tea on his lap. “Scorch, why do you have to do that every time?” said Orak wiping tea off his pants. 
“I’m sorry, Orak, but you need to know about this Spanish designer who found an innovative way to increase the legroom in aircraft,” replied Scorch.  
A smile brightened Orak’s face. He said, “Airplanes need to give tall Mysticals and humans like me more legroom. In economy class, the seats are too cramped. What solution has this designer given?”
Scorch explained, “Alejandro Núñez Vicente designed the Chaise Longue, a V-shaped double ducker structure with two seats in the upper area and one at the bottom between the two upper seats.
The seat at the bottom is more spacious, where a tall person can easily sit without crouching. One can reach the upper seats by climbing just two steps. Also, the bottom seat can be folded to accommodate wheel-chair passengers,” Scorch explained.
“Oh! Interesting! I like the idea,” Orak responded, “Where did he present his idea?”
“He was exhibiting at the innovation at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). At this exhibition, innovations to improve the flying experience are introduced. 
This year, this expo was held in Hamburg, Germany, last month,” Scorch informed. 
“This is incredible! Let’s go see this innovation, Scorch,” Orak was thrilled.