“It was creepy, Felix!” said Scorch as Orak entered the dorm.
“What are you talking about?” questioned Orak.
“Scorch was telling me about her deep-sea diving experience. An octopus curled around her legs and she screamed,” Felix giggled in spurts explaining the situation.
“Honestly, it was weird. The octopus came out of nowhere. I didn’t know what to do, so I screamed,” Scorch was visibly embarrassed.
“But guys, there is just the right news I want to share: octopuses can dream!” shared Felix and Verum came back to the dorm. She took a seat and joined in the conversation.
“Like us? Like humans? Whoa! I did not know that!” said an amused Scorch.
“Well, nobody knew,” chuckled Felix, “until now! When octopuses are asleep, they change between two sleep stages, the quiet stage and the active stage. The active stage is similar to a human’s REM sleep.”
Seeing Scorch confused, Orak said, “Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is a sleep stage in humans where dreams happen. When humans dream, their shut eyes move in different directions rapidly and that’s how it gets its name.”
Felix nodded and continued, “A group of researchers from a Japanese University carefully examined the octopus’ sleep routine. While sleeping, their brain activity was remarkably similar to a human brain.”
“That’s incredible! This makes them more like humans,” exclaimed Scorch.
Felix added, “Let’s go to the ocean and see some beautiful octopuses. Hopefully, Scorch won’t scream this time.”
Scorch gave a stern look to Felix. The Mysticals spent their evening swimming in the ocean for the rest of the evening.