“I want to appreciate my family, my sons, my husband, everything. I’ve earned it…”

“Err… Sons? Sorry, what?” said Felix startled by Scorch’s words.

“These words are not mine, it’s from the farewell speech of Sir Elton John, the legendary musician,” Scorch clarified.

“Farewell? Already? Isn’t he very, very famous? I have heard very little about him,” Verum joined the chat.

“Sir Elton John (he got the title ‘Sir’ by Queen Elizabeth II for services to music in 1998) is a 76-year-old famous singer who has been touring worldwide for over 50 years. He has performed over 4,600 shows and won five Grammy awards.

A few days ago, Elton performed at the last stop in his marathon farewell tour with his band in Stockholm. He bid adieu to world tours.

Artists such as singers, actors, dancers, musicians, etc visit different parts of the world to showcase their art. This is what is known as a tour. It can be a country-specific tour or it can be a world tour, where they perform in different counties.

After a career spanning over 50 years and 4,600 performances worldwide, this was an emotional moment for him and his fans,” said Scorch.

“So, he will not tour anymore?”

“Yes. This tour called ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ began in 2018 in North America and spanned worldwide. Overall, over six million fans attended his events.

Elton shared with the audience that his career has been, and I quote, “52 years of pure joy playing music”.

Felix said, “Elton John is a legend!”

“I agree,” nodded Verum.

“Let’s play his songs,” Orak suggested.

The Mysticals spent the evening listening to Sir Elton John.