“What are these animals we seeing here? They look like monkeys. They’re everywhere in Madagascar!” said Scorch.
“Those are lemurs, Scorch,” replied Felix, adding, “They belong to the monkey species found only in Madagascar. They love living in natural reservoirs, national parks, and rainforests. They are known to be quite clever actually. They are known to be quite clever actually. The Sifaka species, especially, is very comfortable with humans. It is a common sight to see them on tourists’ shoulders while they explore the lemur’s habitat.”
“Today, there are over 100 species of lemurs, each of which can be found on this island,” said Verum.
“Which is that one with a black and white ringed tail?” asked Scorch.
“That’s the Maki Catta and most commonly seen lemur. It gets its name from the cat whose purring and meowing are similar to that of this lemur,” replied Felix. “There is also a very shy lemur here known as the aye-aye who will show itself only at night.”
“That’s fun to know! I’d like to take one of every species back to MysticLand,” wished Scorch.