“Verum, I’d like to place an order for a celebratory chocolate cake! Could you bake one?” Scorch walked into the dorm room in a joyful mood. “Yes, I shall. But what’s the celebration about?” Verum said.
“A few days ago, fencer Bhavani Devi won India’s first-ever fencing medal at the Asia Fencing Championships (AFC), held in China,” said Scorch.
Verum was thrilled to know this and she rushed to the kitchen to make the cake.
“Fencing?” Felix was clueless, “You mean she built a fence around her house?”
Scorch and Verum laughed out loud. Scorch said, “No, silly pixie! It’s a sport! Fencing is a combat sport where two people fight with thin swords. Centuries ago, it used to be a form of military training. It evolved into a sport, and fencing became an Olympic sport at the 1896 Athens Summer Olympics.
The fighters have to wear special safety suits, including a mask, as the swords are pointy and can cause serious damage. The masks used in the game go through a 12kg punch test to ensure maximum safety.”
“Who wants whipped cream on the cake?” shouted Verum from the kitchen. The Mysticals shouted, “Me!”
Scorch continued, “Fencing became known to India after the foundation of The Fencing Association of India (FAI) in 1974. India hasn’t been successful in the sport, but it has all changed with Bhavani winning the bronze medal. She was also the first Indian fencer to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.
In the quarterfinal game, Bhavani defeated the reigning world champion, Misaki Emura of Japan. Though she lost in the semi-finals, her win made India proud.”
“Cake is ready!” exclaimed Verum.
“Let’s celebrate Bhavani’s win!” said Felix cutting a big piece for him.