After seeing the architectural masterpieces of Abu Dhabi, the Mysticals were in dire need of adventure. So, Verum looked into her crystal ball and found a humongous red roof and what seemed to be the roof’s six arms.
Felix immediately said, “That’s Ferrari World Abu Dhabi! We must go there today!”
So, the Gifted Four rushed to the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park to find out what’s all the fuss about and test their hearts’ bravery.
Here, there are 37 record-breaking thrill rides, the new Flying Aces ride featuring the tallest roller coaster loop on Earth, and Formula Rossa, the globe’s fastest rollercoaster, which catches a speed of 250 km/hr in only 4.9 seconds!
The Mysticals were initially scared but then sat on all the rides and agreed they had the time of their lives.