Even though it’s called Changi Airport, the Mysticals think it’s more than an airport where you do things beyond taking off and landing! Doing justice to Singapore’s title of ‘City in a Garden’, Changi is filled with refreshing gardens and green spaces for travellers to stretch their legs and calm their minds after long flights.
Stealing most of the attention is Jewel Changi, a spot with a 40-m-high indoor waterfall surrounded by over 2,000 trees and tropical plants.
“I want to go play in the waterfall,” said Felix and flew to the top of the Jewel.
Walking onto the must-visit list is the Cactus Garden, with hundreds of cacti and arid plant species, the Sunflower Garden, and the Butterfly Garden.
With so much to see and do at Changi Airport, the Mysticals missed their flight! Thankfully, they had Orak as a ride back home.