“Mysticals, my crystal ball has given me tragic news from the human world,” Verum said in a sad voice.

“What happened?” Orak said.

“The search for OceanGate’s Titan submersible has come to an end. The submersible, a type of watercraft, imploded (to collapse into the centre) underwater and the five people onboard lost their lives,” Verum said.

“What?!” Scorch was shocked.

Verum nodded, and added after a short pause, “Let me start from the beginning. More than a hundred years ago, there was a ship named Titanic. It was supposed to be the safest ship in the world. However, on its first voyage in the year 1912, the ship sank after hitting an iceberg. Many lives were lost. People were shocked by the incident. Over the years, many films and documentaries were made about Titanic.

Today, the shipwreck (ruins of the ship) lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2021, a company called OceanGate started expeditions for people who wanted to see the wreck underwater. This trip underwater costs $250,000 per person.”

Orak, Scorch, and Felix were listening to Verum intently.

“On June 18, five people were onboard the Titan submersible when it dived underwater to see the Titanic. But within an hour and 45 minutes into the dive, contact was lost with the sub. A massive search for the sub began. Many countries participated in this search,” Verum said.

“To find a sub in an ocean so large is a difficult task,” Felix said.

Verum nodded, “The clock was ticking. The tourists only had 96 hours of oxygen to breathe. They had to be found within that time.”

“What happened next? Were the rescue teams able to locate the sub?” Scorch said.

Verum shook her head. She said, “The rescue teams searched for days, but it was too late. Last week, they found parts of Titan sub 1,600 feet from the Titanic wreck. They concluded that the submersible had imploded in the ocean,” Verum said.

“That is so unfortunate,” Felix said, saddened by the news.