Scorch was searching for Orak everywhere. She found Orak painting his Tempus Machine in the garage. Scorch said, “Orak! I have exciting news from the aviation world for you.”
Orak excitedly turned around and said, “What is it?”
“A few days ago,” Scorch began, “the Paris Airshow took place in Paris, France. It is a mega event showcasing developments in the aerospace industry. It started in 1909 and it happens every two years…”
“I know! It is the largest airshow in the world! Now, did you know that?” Orak smirked. 
“Of course, I knew that! But the news is that IndiGo, the largest passenger airline in India, signed a deal with Airbus, an aircraft designing company, to buy 500 A320 aircraft from them. This deal was signed at the event,” said Scorch.
“Wow! A320 Airbus aircraft is one of the best aircraft for passengers known for its space and efficiency,” exclaimed Orak.
“Yes, it is,” agreed Scorch, “This is the biggest deal in commercial aircraft history. The airline industry was affected during the pandemic. But now, people have begun travelling a lot, and the industry has picked up pace.
The deal is worth over 55 billion dollars. India may overtake China to lead the aerospace industry. These new aircraft will reduce flight charges and control fuel consumption. 
Recently, the number of people boarding a flight for the first time has increased. It means growth is inevitable!”
“This is amazing news!” remarked Orak, “As of now, only 5% of India’s population has taken a flight. Thus, this deal certainly can change the game. Scorch, do you want to travel back in time and attend the Paris Airshow? I just finished painting my Tempus Machine.”
The Tempus Machine roared, and Scorch and Orak took off to Paris.