Felix walked into the WiggleHouse Cafe in a swimsuit, boasting fin-like swimming paddles on his feet.
“I do not know who that is,” Verum said, embarrassed.
“Now, now, no need to be embarrassed about our quirky pixie,” Orak teased.
“I got swimsuits for all of us! We are going to Hawaii in the United States. 25 million dollars have been donated recently to help the scientists and conservationists in restoring the corals there,” Felix jumped.
“Coral reefs?” Scorch simply couldn’t remember what corals were.
“Corals are living animals that build colourful underwater homes called reefs, where many sea creatures live and play. The reefs look like thousands of beehives put together on the sea bed. You will witness them today when we go scuba-diving,” Felix smiled.
“No way! We are going scuba-diving!?” Verum jumped up from her seat.
“Look who suddenly recognizes Felix again!” Orak winked, “But Felix, are corals so important that humans are spending so much to restore them?”
“Of course! Corals are homes to countless species of marine life. They also act as natural barriers, protecting coastal areas from storms, erosion, and wave damage.
This is why, in Hawaii, they are building a new research facility too. The coral facility will be the largest in the world when done! It will become the hub for testing corals for future reef restorations,” Felix beamed.
“I really want to visit this place now,” Scorch said, packing up his things.
“Let’s go!” Felix said as he pulled out three more sets of swimsuits.