“I was following the car on the race track. It sounded like thunder, and it was thrilling. This year, Le Mans was special as it celebrated its centenary year. The first race happened in 1923,” Scorch explained to Felix.
“What are you both talking about?” Verum said as she and Orak entered the dorm. “Scorch is sharing about Le Mans, a recently held racing event which also completed 100 years this year.”
“Le Mans? What is that?” asked Verum.
Scorch explained, “The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a racing event held annually near Le Mans, a town in France. It is among the world’s most prestigious races. Over 300,000 people gather to witness this event. This race lasts for 24 hours…”  
“Wait a second, 24 hours? That’s strange,” Orak commented.
“Because this race is different. Unlike other races where drivers compete to reach the end point of a fixed distance, the car that covers the longest distance in 24 hours wins Le Mans,” informed Scorch. 
“Oh, nice! Tell me more about this event,” Verum said.
“This year, Ferrari (an Italian sports car manufacturer) took part, too, after a 50-year gap. Sixty-two participating cars ran on sustainable fuel for the race.
A minimum of three drivers is necessary to drive each car. There are many rules for safety purposes, such as the engine must be turned off while refuelling the car at the pit stop. 
Every car must run for at least an hour without refilling fuel.”
“Sustainable fuel on sports cars?” Orak commented again, “That’s incredible. It will reduce the pollution coming from the car.”
The Mysticals approved and nodded. Scorch said, “Orak, you already know what I will say. Shall we?” 
Orak nodded and snapped his fingers. The Tempus Machine appeared out of thin air.