Today, the Mysticals are visiting the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga.
“So, it’s a hill?” asked Scorch.
Orak summoned a book from the MysticLand Elementia library and read, “Ummm, no. In the 19th century, it was the holy city and religious capital of the Kingdom of Madagascar. But today, it is a sacred and spiritual place.
“For 500 years, it has been a place of worship. Its authentic landscape and unique architecture have the power to show you its history and the strong identity of the Malagasy culture.”
Verum looked into her crystal ball and said, “Ambohimanga was the base of the dynasty which escorted the Merina Kingdom to glory (Madagascar today).”
“Okay, let’s go in and see it all. I can’t wait!” said Felix with eagerness to explore.