Scorch loved football. She loved to watch football games on TV.  She also loved to play football with her friends. Every year, the top teams of England and Wales played a professional football league called the Premier League. The 2022-2023 Premier League season began in August.
“Finally!” Scorch exclaimed, “The Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOL) has accepted that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions made during Premier League games were wrong.”
“Tell us everything from the start,” Verum said.
Scorch explained, “PGMOL is the referees’ body. Referees are the match officials that prevent players from breaking the rules of the game. PGMOL is responsible for referees who monitor English professional football games.
There are two types of referees. The referees on the ground are called the on-pitch referee. The other referee is called VAR. Sometimes during a match, there are certain moves or goals that need a closer look. The VAR examines these incidents. They watch the video playback while the game is going on. Based on their understanding, they advise the referees on the ground on what decisions to make.”
The VAR made mistakes in two games. One game was between Crystal Palace and Newcastle United.
During the game, a Newcastle player scored a goal. The on-pitch referee confirmed the goal.  But the opposite team’s players didn’t agree with the referee. The goal was sent to the VAR for review. The VAR examined the video playback of the game and declared that it was not a goal.
A similar thing happened during a game between West Ham and Chelsea. West Ham was denied a goal.
Spectators and fans did not like VAR’s decision. They argued that the role of VAR is not to reverse calls that have already been made.”
“So, what decision has PGMOL come to now?” Orak said.
“PGMOL will fully cooperate with the Premier League and review the incidents. It will use the result of the review to assess the weekly performances and development of the match officials,” Scorch said.