Orak and Felix time-traveled to watch the longest chess game played in 1989. They were exhausted after the game. They returned to MysticLand where Scorch was waiting for them.

Before getting out of the Tempus Machine, Scorch said, “Mysticals, stay in the Tempus Machine. We must go to Lippstadt to see Germany’s youngest national chess player.”

“A chess match? Again! No, Scorch,” cried Orak.

“We are already drained watching the longest match of 1989, Scorch,” added Felix. But Scorch was determined.

“If I tell you that a Syrian refugee has become Germany’s youngest national chess player at 11, then would you want to go?” Scorch blocked the entrance of Tempus Machine and quickly added, “Hussain Besou’s family came as refugees (people of one nation seeking shelter in other nations) to Germany from Syria in 2016. 
Besou asked his father to teach him chess when he was only 4 years old. Soon, Besou’s father realized his son had extraordinary skills in chess. The first thing he bought Besou was a chess set, and he made him join a chess club when he turned six.

The trainers found Besou too advanced in chess. But he did not know German. Besou won Germany’s under-10 competition in 2020. He also won third place in World under-12 championships in 2022.”

Felix’s face brightened, hearing the details, and he replied, “We must go see him, Scorch. Is he competing in any game now?”

“Yes,” replied Scorch, “After selection, he played in Croatia’s Mitropa Cup, representing Germany’s national chess team. This made Besou Germany’s youngest national chess player.”

As the Mysticals made themselves comfortable in the Tempus Machine, Felix said, “Off to Lippstadt!”