Felix was hopping around. “What’s happening, Felix,” Orak teased.

“Amur leopard cubs!” replied Felix cheekily, “Jokes apart, but I am celebrating the recent birth of two Amur leopard cubs. The Amur leopards are the rarest big cats at the San Diego Zoo in California, United States.

The Amur leopard species is labeled as critically-endangered. A species that is so less in number that it could go extinct if not protected is called a critically-endangered animal,” Felix explained.

“I read about the Amur leopards. Aren’t there fewer than 200 of them left in the world? These leopards are Siberian natives and are found in the region between Russia and China. They get their anime from the Amur river in the region,” Verum recollected.

“Brilliant, Verum! These newborn twins have restored hope that the number of Amur leopards can be increased. A huge round of applause to the humans who have worked hard to preserve the Amur leopard,” Felix said.

Scorch looked at Verum and said, “Can you get your crystal ball? I want to see these furballs of joy!”

Verum smiled, “Sure thing!”

“I am so glad you asked to see the leopard cubs. We can also go to the San Diego Zoo in Orak’s Tempus Machine,” Orak scratched his chin and nodded a yes.

“In fact,” Orak said, “The San Diego Zoo is the pioneer of open-air, cageless zoos. It gives the visitors the feeling that they’re in natural animal habitats!”

“This is wonderful,” Verum said, “Let’s go now!”