“Hello, my name is Orak and thank you for stopping by my stall. This is a model of Earth and today I present to you the latest update that will shock everyone. The news is that Earth is heating up faster than before. For the first time in human history, the global temperature is predicted to cross the 1.5 degrees Celsius mark,” saying this Orak cast a spell and covered the Earth model with an atmosphere.
Verum appreciated Orak and mumbled, “Quite a showman, this time traveller!” Felix and Scorch nodded a yes. 
Orak was standing next to a model of Earth at the Elementia School Science Fair. He was explaining Earth’s global warming update. Verum, Scorch and Felix also gathered around his stall with other Mysticals.  
Felix raised his hand and asked, “What is happening? Why is the Earth heating up at a fast speed? Last I heard, humans were cutting down emissions (release of harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere through different human activities) to slow down global warming.”
“Good observation, Sir,” Orak was being a true professional, “Humans are surely making efforts but there are natural events involved, the El Nino, which is adding to the heating. El Nino is a natural process wherein the Pacific Ocean gets heated up. Scientists have claimed that such natural events will lead to global warming rising like never before. 
While several countries agreed to cut down emissions to curb global temperatures from rising over 1.5 degrees Celsius per year, El Nino made it difficult.” 
“That is so risky! How will humans survive?” Scorch gasped.
“Cut down their emissions even more,” Orak said. 
Verum asked, “What will be the repercussions?” 
“If the global temperature increases over 1.5 degrees Celsius, then we can expect longer heatwaves, many more wildfires and even increased rainfall in Northern Europe,” Orak replied. 
Everyone gathered around Orak gasped. 
“However,” Orak cast a spell and removed the foggy atmosphere from around the Earth model, “there events like El Nino do not last for long. The global temperature will go high for just about a year. After that, it will come back to normal once El Nino recedes.
If humans manage to bring the temperatures down, Earth will be fine!” Orak said and concluded with a bow.
“I must admit this was an educational exhibit,” Scorch smiled. Orak bowed down once again as everyone around him clapped for his concern for Earth.