Holding a box, Felix said, “Look what I got!”
“It’s an Amazon box!” Scorch gasped, “How in the MysticLand did you receive an Amazon delivery? They deliver only in the human world.”
Felix smirked and whispered in Scorch’s ears, “Secret: I asked my human friend to help me out. But don’t tell anyone, especially MysticLord.”
“Well, you know what I heard today at school? I heard that Amazon is accused of tricking the users of Amazon Prime,” informed Scorch. Felix’s eyes widened and he let out a gasp.
“Yeah!” Scorch began, “Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos, is an American company that sells and delivers different products worldwide. A few years ago, Amazon introduced a paid subscription service called Amazon Prime. If the user spends a certain amount every month, they will get perks, offers, and discounts on products.
Currently, more than 200 million people have Amazon Prime subscriptions. Amazon Prime gets the user’s account details, stores them, and uses them monthly by paying on behalf of the user.
Now, here’s the catch: the user may not know of this. Therefore, America’s regulatory agency, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), filed a case against Amazon claiming that Amazon Prime automatically deducts money every month from people’s accounts without their knowledge.”
Felix retorted, “That isn’t right!”
“Yes, and what is even more surprising is that,” Scorch continued, “the user cannot cancel the subscription as it is a difficult process to cancel. Now the matter is in court.”
“I hope this problem gets solved,” Felix sighed.