WAI-WAI-WAI-WAI-WAI – Verum’s crystal ball blared. It was flashing red. Verum rushed to her crystal ball and picked it up, “Oh, no! It’s a flood warning in California state of the United States (US). There are more heavy rains and winds on the way to the northern region of the state.”

“More?” Orak said, dismayed. He added, “When water overflows on land, it is called a flood.”

Verum nodded, “I am afraid so. Storms in California started in December of last year. They continued even in January.

So far, the extreme weather has caused many losses and damage. Many people lost their lives. Houses were destroyed. Neighborhoods went underwater. Trees fell.”

“Oh no, that is devastating,” Scorch said.

“Millions of Californians are under flood watch right now,” Verum said.

“What’s a flood watch?” Felix said.

“Flood watch is a warning given to people by the government. It asks people to be prepared for extreme weather conditions,” Verum answered.

“The state was facing a long drought (shortage of water). And now it’s facing floods!” Verum added.

“What is the reason behind such a change?” Orak wanted to know.

“Experts say it is due to global warming and the changing climate,” Verum said.