Orak, Verum, Scorch and Felix were cooped up in Orak’s Tempus Machine, hovering above the Antarctic. Orak muttered a few spells. A layer of the atmosphere started glowing purple.

“That is the ozone layer – a thin part of the Earth’s atmosphere. This layer protects Earth from harmful rays of the Sun, called ultraviolet rays or UV rays. I have used magic to highlight the layer for us.

Do you see the giant hole in that layer?” At this moment, Verum, Scorch and Felix said in chorus, “Yes – Yes – Yes, yes.”

“The United Nations (UN), United States (US), and the European Union (EU) agencies recently reported that this hole will soon be healed, and the ozone layer will be restored. This hole was very large. It was created due to human activities that harmed the environment. But, in 1987, humans decided to take steps to heal the ozone layer, and results are here for us to see,” Orak said.

“That is great news! I remember the ozone layer started depleting in the 1970s. Harmful gases and chemicals which were given out through different spray cans, refrigerators, and air conditioners were blamed for harming this protective layer,” Felix the environmental pixie lit up.

“That’s right. In 1987, 46 countries came together and signed the Montreal Protocol – an agreement that promised to reduce the use of chemicals that harmed the ozone layer,” Orak added.

“I am amazed,” Scorch complimented.

“Indeed, Scorch. It was necessary. The ozone layer protects humans from UV radiation. When it is depleted, this radiation can reach the surface and cause harm to humans, their health, and other living things,” Orak said.

“By when will the layer get fixed,” Verum asked.

“The report says it should be healed completely by 2066 over the Antarctic, where ozone depletion was the worst. Other places will take just a few decades. Say 20 to 30 years,” Orak explained.

“I see. I’m glad to know that they have done so much to save the ozone and hope for the best,” Felix smiled.