“One, two, three,” Scorch counted again and again.

Felix joked, “Looks like Scorch needs to go to kindergarten. Did you forget how to count numbers, Scorch?”

Scorch replied, “No, silly! I’m trying to count the number of zeroes in a billion to know how much money Elon Musk lost.”

“I know him. Recently, Musk became the head of the social media platform, Twitter, right? How did he lose money?” asked Felix.

“Yes, he became Twitter’s chief executive officer (CEO),” explained Scorch, “Musk owns an automobile company called Tesla too. In 2022, Tesla sold fewer cars and suffered a huge loss.

Those people who give you money to run your business are called investors. And Tesla investors said he did not concentrate much on Tesla electric cars after he became Twitter’s CEO.”

An impatient Felix asked, “How much did he lose?”

“Musk lost 165 billion dollars! After this loss, Musk lost the world’s richest man title to Bernard Arnault, the owner of the world-famous fashion brand, Louis Vuitton.”

Felix rolled his eyes with an open mouth and sighed, “Oh my MysticLord! That is a huge sum of money!”

“Exactly!” agreed Scorch, “He lost 65% of Tesla’s shares in 2022. He said the short-term market is unpredictable. Right now, Musk’s total money is 178 billion dollars.”

Felix joined Scorch in counting the number of zeros in a billion and exclaimed, “We have run out of hands to count!”