The Gifted Four were spending some time out in the sun. With every step, Felix flapped his tiny pixie wings a little.

“Look at Felix hopping around joyfully,” Verum said.

“What’s the occasion?” Orak nudged Felix.

“I got a really quirky 2022 summary of incidents involving animals on Earth,” Felix said.

“Tell us more,” Scorch asked excitedly.

“Amusing things happened all over the globe. In Brisbane, Australia, a ginger cat stole and brought an Australian couple tons of toys. In Arizona in the United States, a bride had a pet tortoise as her ring bearer. A pod of whales adopted a young stray toothed-whale narwhal in Quebec, Canada!”

Felix paused to see his friends had stopped walking. They were stunned. Felix giggled, “It’s all true! I am not making it up. Wait! Verum, get out your magic crystal ball. Let’s watch it,” Felix promted.

Verum excitedly handed over her magical crystal ball to Felix.

With Verum’s crystal ball, Felix showed the Mysticals all the events he told them about and also showed a sloth that cuddled with its zookeeper, a magnificent ape cuddling with a mongoose, and the heaviest sunfish ever discovered.

“The year 2022 was full of adorable happenings in the animal world,” Orak was still in disbelief, “Can animals really do this?”

“Oh, you have no idea! They are intelligent beings. They can do much more. Oh, look an insect!!” Felix scared Orak.

“Aaaahhhh, where, where!!” screaming, Orak ran far away!