The Mysticals and the MysticBeasts were dancing with their toes to the song that was recently declared the Best Original Song at one of the most prestigious global awards in entertainment.

Verum’s crystal ball was shaking and it hummed in a broken tune. Verum could hear it and she came running, yelling, “What’s going on here? My crystal ball was about to fall off the desk and break. Oh! My MysticLord!”

“We are dancing to the song ‘Naatu Naatu,’ said Scorch excitedly, “It’s a song from an Indian regional movie, RRR. It is a Telugu language movie and it won the best original song in the Golden Globe Awards. It was India’s first-ever win in the category.”

Verum said, “That’s wonderful! What are the Golden Globe Awards, Scorch?”

Scorch explained, “Golden Globes honors the biggest contributors in American and international film and television. It was first awarded in 1944 and currently consists of 105 voting members.

This song is a fast-beat song featuring Telugu actors Junior NTR and Ramcharan. The song instantly became world-famous for its thumping dance moves and upbeat rhythm.”

“I see,” said Verum, “Has India won a Golden Globe award in any other category before?”

“Actually, no,” replied Scorch, “This is the first time that India has won a Golden Globe Award. An interesting factor is the song was shot in front of the Mariinsky Palace in Ukraine in 2021 after getting permission from the Ukrainian President.”

“This is a historic moment for India. Scorch, teach me that signature step, please,” requested Verum.

Within minutes, the entire MysticLand was dancing to the song, even the Bruha, sitting somewhere far away in her evil den.