The Mysticals boarded a ferry to first see the Statue of Liberty, before any other iconic landmarks of New York City.

Verum said, “This elegant statue was designed in 1865 by French intellectual, Édouard de Laboulaye, as a symbol for the republican principles shared by the United States of America and France.

In 1871, the French sculptor, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, came to the US to select the site. He went to Paris and worked on the 46-m-tall figure for over 10 years. Bartholdi then shipped the statue to New York, erected it on a small island, and presented it to the public in 1886. The structure has an iron skeleton designed by Gustave Eiffel (the genius who designed the Eiffel Tower) and a copper skin fixed to it by flexible metal bars.”

Scorch was amazed by its elegance.

“Can we get a closer view of the statue?” asked Felix.

“Of course! We can buy tickets, climb its 162 steps, and admire its making from the inside,” replied Orak.