The four Mysticals were standing hand-in-hand at the side of the road. Once all the traffic stopped, they were going to cross using the zebra crossing. Vroom…Vrooommm…. A motorcycle passed them, releasing clouds and clouds of polluted air. The Mysticals started coughing.

“It’s good that Honda is releasing 10 new fully electric motorbikes in Asia to reduce pollution,” Scorch said.

“That’s really good news,” said Felix.

“Honda Motor Company is a Japanese automobile maker, right?” Orak said.

“Yes, Orak. Honda’s scooters and motorcycles are very popular in the cities of Asian countries. In 2019, they reached a significant milestone. In their 70 years as a company, they built 400 million bikes!

Honda has a goal and that is to use technology to help people. They made it possible for working people to buy scooters and motorcycles. Now, they have added another goal and that is to build electric bikes,” Scorch said.

“Honda will use technology to help people and protect the environment as well,” commented Verum.

“Yes! Between 2022 and 2025, Honda plans to release 10 new electric motorbikes. These bikes can be used in the same manner as the previous ones,” Scorch said.

“Motorbikes and scooters that run on petrol cause air pollution. It is harmful to the environment and humans. But the electric bikes run on electricity. They don’t release harmful gasses harmful to the environment. So, they will help reduce the pollution,” Felix explained.

“But electric motorbikes also have their own issues,” said Verum, “They are heavier in weight. They are also more expensive. Electric motorbikes need charging stations.”

Scorch nodded. Verum had a point. She said, “Electric vehicles need good charging infrastructure. Honda’s new bikes will come in battery packs that can be changed.”

“I am super excited to see electric motorcycles and scooters on the road!” Felix declared.