Felix double-hopped as he entered the dorm room, where the Gifted Four had planned to get together. Verum, Scorch and Orak were already comfortably seated.

“What’s made our favorite pixie so happy today,” Scorch asked.

“Endangered marsupials are finally on the path of recovery in Western Australia. They were near extinction because of a bushfire. It had reduced their numbers to 100. But a special area was fenced off within Waychinicup National Park in Australia for potoroos. Now many of these animals are returning,” Felix said, still visibly hopping.

“The techie in me is so confused, Felix. Marsupials? Po-to…-what? It’s hard to say! Poto-ro-ro-ros?” Orak was very confused.

Felix chucked and said, “There is a group of animals called marsupials. They are mammals and are known for carrying their young ones in a pouch,” Felix explained.

“Oh! A kangaroo!” Verum prompted.

“Yes, exactly. But potoroos are rat-sized kangaroos. A shorter version of marsupials. Australia’s efforts have resulted in the recovery of several marsupials like potoroos, bandicoots, bilbies, and numbats.

Conservationists and researchers have contributed to this impressive recovery. At least 40 million Australian dollars have been spent on this program called Wild Deserts to bring this change,” Felix said with a puffed-up chest. He was proud of humans.

“Humans in Australia are setting such a good example for all countries,” Verum said, now matching Felix’s energy.