“The Indian cricket team gave Indians a Diwali bonanza!” announced Scorch as she blew the horn to cheer for the winning team. The Mysticals had reached the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Australia, to watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan on 23 October. 
“What a match!” said an equally thrilled Orak. 
“Yes!” agreed Verum. 
“What we just watched was a World Cup match, right,” said Felix.
Verum, Scorch and Orak decided to watch the match when Felix was in his garden. When he returned, the three just took him without telling him where they were going!
“Oh, yes! I had to brief you about this match,” said Scorch as she remembered that Felix had no idea about this cricket match. 
“The two teams are competing in the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Twenty20 (T20) is a shortened format of cricket. It has 20 overs. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the official cricket governing body. There are 12 teams competing in the World Cup! And you would know that since we are here in Melbourne, this year Australia is hosting the tournament,” explained Scorch. 
“Who were the two Indian players who scored the maximum runs, making India win,” asked Felix.
“One of them was player Virat Kohli. He scored 82 runs in only 52 balls. The other player was Hardik Pandya, who scored 40 runs in 37 balls. As we saw, Pakistan had set a target of 160 runs and India chased this target, winning the match,” said Scorch.
“When will they win the World Cup,” said Felix, who was now so confused.
“The tournament just started recently, Felix,” giggled Scorch as she answered his question, “It started on 16 October. The 12 teams are divided into two groups. They play against each other and then the two best teams will reach the final match. It will be held on 13 November. That’s the day when we will know who are the champions of men’s T20 cricket!”
“Let’s come to watch the finale then,” said Orak.
“Yes, let’s do that!” agreed Scorch. Verum and Felix nodded with big smiles!