Felix was holding a leaf in his hand. He stretched his hand out, closed his left eye and tried to see how tiny he and the leaf were in front of the majestic presence of this landmark hotel. “Chateau Frontenac hotel is beautiful,” exclaimed Verum, “And yes, Felix, we are too tiny,” she laughed. Felix sighed and walked with the rest alongside the hotel.
The Gifted Four were in Canada. They had traveled in Orak’s tempus machine to visit this architectural beauty.
“It opened in 1893. This hotel was the idea of the railway society’s directors. They wanted people to experience luxury tourism. It was built by Canadian Pacific (railway companies) in 1892 overlooking the scenic St. Lawrence River,” Orak read out from his The Book of Everything.
Felix, Scorch, and Verum marveled at this wonderful structure.
“This hotel is labeled one of the greatest hotels in the world – since 1893,” added Verum, “I now know why!”
“Who designed it?” said Scorch.
“It is based on architect Bruce Price’s design. The building compound runs alongside the historic Plains of Abraham. It is a National Historic Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
“Why is it named Chateau Frontenac,” Felix was curious.
“Châteauesque is an architectural style based on the French Renaissance architecture,” replied Verum.
“I see!” said a smitten Felix.