Felix entered the dorm and saw Scorch doing the famous ‘Naatu Naatu’ step while shouting and throwing everything in the air. Felix shouted, “If you want to throw things, throw yours alone, don’t throw mine!”

Scorch giggled and said, “I’m happy because the Indian women’s team has won the under-19 T20 cricket World Cup that concluded a few days ago in South Africa!”

“That’s great! What do you mean by under-19?” asked Felix.

Scorch explained, “Under-19 means all the cricketers of the game should be less than 19 years old. It is a strict rule followed by the ICC (International Cricket Council) and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).

India defeated England in the final and lifted the trophy. It is a special moment for India as this was the first Under-19 T20 World Cup win for women players.”

“That is amazing! I’m proud of the Indian players,” exclaimed Felix!