The Gifted Four were waiting at one of Mysticland’s bus stops. A bus was scheduled to take them to the Mystical Mountains. Felix flapped his wings and hovered over the bus stop.

“What are you doing, Felix? MysticLord doesn’t leave us chocolates on top of bus stands,” Orak giggled.

“I never wondered if you could place anything over bus stands. But humans are so creative. In Scotland, United Kingdom, humans are covering bus stops with flowering plants called stonecrops,” Felix explained, flying back down with a sigh.

“That would make the bus stops so pretty,” Verum jumped, “but is there any use in going through such trouble?”

“It is for the bees! They want the bus stops to act like sanctuaries for honeybees and support their growth. Not only does this idea help bees, but such bus stops will also remain cooler in summer and absorb polluting substances from the air,” Felix answered with a smile.

“That would be so great for human health too,” Scorch exclaimed.

“Exactly! This has been done in the Netherlands before. More and more places in Europe keep thinking of ways to improve the environment for animals and humans alike,” Felix said.

“Awesome! I say we ask the Mystic Lord to renovate our boring bus stops too,” Orak was motivated.

“With magic, it would take him only minutes but I’m scared to ask,” Verum shied away. The Gifted Four boarded their bus soon after and had an amazing day.