The Mysticals enjoyed an aerial view of a vast farm from Orak’s Tempus Machine. Felix remarked, “Look how big that farm is! Won’t it be difficult for farmers to take care of the entire field?”

“It is hard, Felix,” Scorch answered, “That is why experts from French Company, Meropy, have come up with a smart artificial intelligence (AI) robot, SentiV, that can easily monitor and take care of an entire field.”

“What is artificial intelligence?” asked Felix.

Scorch explained, “Humans made computers do complex and time-consuming work as computers are efficient and do not commit errors. Computers having the ability to work like a human is artificial intelligence.

Meropy used artificial intelligence and constructed SentiV. Through AI, this robot can search for problems, monitor plant growth, and water requirements, and perform other farming operations.”

“That is cool!” exclaimed Felix, “How does SentiV cover the entire field?”

Scorch described, “SentiV has wheels like spokes (as in bicycle wheels) which make them move fast. We can adjust the wheel’s height, so the crops don’t get crushed while moving.

It has a GPS fitted for easy navigation. SentiV has 50 nozzles that spray fertilizers (20 sprays per second) and can inspect 50 acres of crops for pests and other issues.”

“Amazing idea! Robot SentiV will be a boon to the farmers who own huge fields,” said Felix.

As Felix was speaking, Orak’s Tempus Machine entered a black hole.