“Hey Orak, count with us!” said Felix, asking Orak to join in.

“Count what? I have already passed my elementary school, Felix,” replied Orak sarcastically.

“No, silly! We are counting the number of records India created at the Asia Cup final,” said Felix, beaming with pride.

“I haven’t been watching any sports lately. Can you explain what happened at the Asia Cup?” asked Orak.

“I shall do the honours! So, Asia Cup’s final match was between India and Sri Lanka held in R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on September 17.

India dominated Sri Lanka in the final and lifted the Asia Cup trophy for a record eighth time. Sri Lanka scored only 50 runs in the final. India easily chased that score in just 6 overs. Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj was named as the Man of the Match.”

“Congrats Team India!” exclaimed Orak.

“Let me give you a little background about this game,” said Scorch, “The Asian Cricket Council wanted to strengthen relationships between Asian countries. So, the Asia Cup was established in 1983. The first Asia Cup was held in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in 1984.

From 1984 to 2016, only ODI (One Day International; a match of 50 overs) format games were played. The T20I (Twenty-20 International – 20 overs) format was added in 2016. It occurs once in two years and alternates between the ODI and the T20I format.”

Felix added, “Some records for you, Orak:

> India has the most titles in the Asia Cup.

> This was the first Asia Cup to be held in two different countries: Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

> Siraj is the first Indian bowler to take 4 wickets in a single over.

> This was India’s biggest win while chasing a target (India won the game with 263 balls remaining).

> Sri Lanka’s 50 runs is the lowest total ever in Asia Cup ODIs.”

“The new Indian captain Rohit Sharma must be elated with this win! India will next face Australia in an ODI series clash,” remarked Scorch.