“Since it’s our last day in Delhi, let’s go eat its street food! It’s famous all over the world,” begged Scorch to the others.

Verum looked into her crystal ball and suggested they go to the Parathewali Gali. It’s a whole different world for food lovers with locals selling countless types of parathas (stuffed flatbread).

“There’s so much food here! Let’s try all of it,” suggested Scorch.

So, the four stopped by multiple joints and tried parathas stuffed with bhindi (ladyfinger), banana, aloo (potato), dal, papad (Indian wafer), lemon, cottage cheese, and many other unimaginable ingredients! They ended their meal with gajar ka halwa (a crumbly carrot dessert) and gulab jamuns (small deep-fried balls of flour soaked in sugar syrup).

Scorch was unable to move after eating all that. But she admitted it was one of the best days of her life.