“Mysticals! Mysticals!” Verum came rushing into the dorm room. “I have news from India.”

Orak, Felix, and Scorch looked at Verum and waited for her to share the news.
“India just approved a $7 billion (2 million lakh rupees) plan to start electric buses in the biggest cities of the country,” Verum announced.
Felix gasped, “Really?” Verum nodded enthusiastically. “Electric buses are good for the environment,” said Felix.
“That’s the plan,” Verum replied, “Cars, buses, bikes, and other vehicles mostly run on fuel such as petrol and diesel. When the vehicles are on the move, they release fumes into the air. These released fumes are harmful to the environment. They cause air pollution. And it leads to poor air quality in the cities.
Cities in India are already suffering from air pollution and poor air quality. This is why India is introducing electric buses on the roads. Electric buses are powered by electricity. They are good for the environment. They will help in reducing air pollution in the cities.”
“That’s good news,” Orak smiled.
“Electric buses need to be charged. India will also be building charging stations in the cities,” Verum said. She added, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited companies to bid for making the electric buses for the country. A bid is an offer. If a company wins the bid, it will get the contract to make electric buses!”
“Honk! Honk! Make way for electric buses!” Felix announced and the Mysticals laughed.