Verum entered the dorm room and dropped her bag on the floor. She joined her friends Orak, Scorch, and Felix on the huge bean bag. Right then, Verum’s crystal ball pinged. It had news from Israel, a country in the Middle East. 
“Mysticals, protests are happening in Israel. The citizens of the country are protesting against a law that has been passed in the Israel Parliament. This law has limited the power of Israel’s Supreme Court over the government,” Verum informed. 
“A parliament is an elected legislative body of a country. It has the authority to make or change laws,” Orak added. 
“Tell us more about this law,” Scorch said. 
“The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country. It has power over all courts and even the ruling government. If the government makes a mistake, the court can stop the government. But the new law has taken away this power. It prevents Israel’s Supreme Court from overruling unreasonable actions of the government.
Israelis believe that this law threatens Israel’s democracy and is divisive. Mass protests erupted in the country. Tens of thousands of protesters marched on the streets. Workers threatened to go on strike. Military reservists (members of military reserve force) and air force pilots vowed not to report for duty if the law remains,” Verum explained in detail. 
“A great show of support from everyone,” Felix commented. 
“Many protesters have been arrested. Police are even spraying water on protesters to disperse them,” Verum said. 
“What is the government’s response to the protests?” Orak said. 
“The government didn’t like the Supreme Court interfering in political decisions. So, it said that the law was necessary to bring a balance of power in the country,” Verum informed.