“Orak, that’s a beautiful necklace!” Scorch, Felix and Verum walked into Orak’s lab and found the necklace made of some strange materials on his desk.
“I sneaked into the human world to find this man who makes jewellery using comets. I found him, and guess what, he has a business of selling jewellery and watches made using comets!”
“That’s innovative! Does he fly to space to hunt for these comets?” Felix said innocently.
“He is not a Mystical! He can’t fly, that too, to space?! Impossible!” Scorch was quick to correct her friend. The three looked at Orak with curiosity oozing out of their big eyes. Orak understood the look at once and began explaining.
“Emil Davidsson is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He hunts for space debris that fell on Earth such as comets and meteorites. He uses polishes these rocks and crafts them into beautiful jewellery and watches, which he then sells online.
He says that these comets are easily between one million and 4.5 billion years old!” said Orak.
“That’s like owning a piece of space!” commented Verum.
“It’s more like wearing space!” chuckled Scorch.
“True!” laughed along Orak, adding, “But it has been a difficult journey for Davidsson. He says he has been hunting for space debris for over a decade now and it is “extremely rare and difficult” to find them. He searches for them in all kinds of places on Earth – from the cold Arctic Circle to the driest Atacama Desert.
He spends a good few months trying to locate the debris using special metal detector tools.”
“Incredible! We must go to space and grab some of these rocks for MysticLand!” Felix is often very creative.
“Great idea!” Scorch added. The Mysticals had a hearty laugh.