The Mysticals were petrified. They didn’t know why MysticLord has summoned them. The MysticLord appeared out of nowhere and said, “Greetings Mysticals! I have summoned you to warn you about the serious problems going on in Sri Lanka.”
Felix did not understand anything. Scorch explained, “Felix, MysticLord is talking about the huge economical problem that happened in Sri Lanka last year. Sri Lanka faced a huge money shortage after it ran out of foreign currency. Remember we visited there before and the streets were deserted with no electricity for over 13 hours a day.”
Felix remembered now. Verum and Orak nodded a yes too. MysticLord said, “After a year, things are getting back to normal. More tourists are visiting Sri Lanka now. There is a 30% increase in the revenue from last year. People are going back to the daily hurry and burry lives. But Sri Lanka has not completely revived from the crisis.”
For Felix to understand, Scorch added, “Sri Lanka has over 80 billion dollars of debt to pay other countries. The current president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, gathered 2.9 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
IMF is an international organisation that helps countries reach stability through financial support. Sri Lanka aimed to reduce the debt by reducing the pensions of workers. This created lots of protests by the commoners. Since the expenses increased, people spend 70% of their salaries on food alone.
Due to the crisis, over 300,000 people left the country last year. Most were educated and held good positions, like doctors, IT engineers, and paramedics. So, Sri Lanka is desperately searching for skilled people to help raise the economy.”
MysticLord said, “The Sri Lankan people protested when the government wanted to privatise the state-owned businesses like Sri Lankan Airlines, Insurance Corporation, and Telecom.”
“That is so sad!” said Felix sadly.
MysticLord announced, “Mysticals, we need to be forewarned, and wise with our MysticLand economy, and so I want you four to devise the plan for our Mysto management.”
The Mysticals nodded and got to thinking right away.