“We have to ensure no throwing wrappers anywhere. No littering anywhere in MysticLand,” the speakers at Elementia School of Magic were blaring out warnings.

“Why does he remind me of Chris Packham and Hamza Yassin,” remarked Felix, standing behind Orak who was making these announcements. Verum and Scorch were there, too.

“Packham and Yassin are television presenters who recently motivated youngsters across the globe to pay attention to climate change. The two presenters spoke about youngsters’ active participation to curb the effects of climate change at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, England. It is an annual music and arts festival held in England,” Felix shared.

“That’s wonderful! But what can young humans possibly do?” Orak quickly switched off the mic and turned around to join the chat.

“They are the future! Besides, they are the ones who will have to live with the effects of climate change. It becomes important to educate the young minds today about how to preserve, Planet Earth and how to fight climate change,” Felix answered.

“I am not sure I follow completely,” Scorch shook her head.

“Let me state an example,” Felix waved his wand in the air and a screen with moving images popped up, “Consider this situation. In the human world, talks are going on about plant-based diets. Leaders and food experts say humans need to adopt a plant-based diet. By doing so, we can help the Planet breathe better. Now, if we educate youngsters about the importance of switching to alternatives to protect the environment, then it can create a massive impact globally. It will be a united effort and it will pay off.

When young minds are prepared to survive in the future world that is somewhat different from the world they are living in today, they will surely innovate, come up with smart solutions and also remain empathetic while trying to help Planet Earth,” Felix elaborated.

“Now, I see the point that you’re making. It is necessary to educate youngsters as they hold the reigns of the future of the planet,” Scorch declared.

The school bell rang and the Gifted Four dispersed to attend their classes.