“Let’s go see a shrine today,” said Scorch.
So, Orak looked at Japan’s map and said, “I see something called the Fushimi Inari Taisha in southern Kyoto. Let’s go there!”
On reaching the shrine, the Mysticals stood there with wide-open jaws, amazed by how beautiful it looked.
Verum said, “This shrine is dedicated to Inari, the deity of success in business and a good harvest. It has the designation of ‘taisha’ or a grand shine.”
“Whoa! What is this long orange tunnel?” said Felix.
Orak replied, “Those are the orange torii gates. Due to its connection with success in business, the local businessmen donate torii gates to the shrine and because of that, there are thousands and thousands of torii gates here! These will lead us to the 233-m-tall Mt. Inari.”
Eager to explore, the Mysticals quickly began their hike.