Orak heard Felix and Scorch arguing. He came to the dorm saying, “I can hear you two talk even inside my soundproof lab. What is going on here?”
Scorch turned to Orak and said, “We apologise for the noise, Orak. Remember the once-in-four-year Asian Games (also known as Asiad) in Hangzhou, China, being held from 23 September to 8 October?
I was telling Felix that we should have gone to the Games. India is winning many medals, and I want to watch it all.”
Orak rolled his eyes and replied, “In your argument, you forgot that I have a Tempus Machine that can travel back in time. So, we can witness every game,” Scorch and Felix smiled sheepishly.
After a moment of silence, Scorch said, “We were so excited looking at the medal tally that we forgot about your Tempus Machine. Did you know that India has 21 gold medals at the Asian Games till now, Orak?”
“That is brilliant!” remarked Orak.
“India won medals in many sporting events like shooting, archery, squash, javelin throw, athletics, cricket, equestrian, and tennis. India has a total tally of 84 medals, with 21 gold, 31 silver, and 32 bronze medals.
At the overall medal tally, India is in fourth place right now. The People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea take the first three spots, respectively.
It is the highest-ever gold medal tally for India at the Asian Games. It is also India’s highest overall number of medals in the Asian Games.”
Verum listened to the conversation and said, “This surely calls for a celebration. I will make the most delicious dessert for us and the MysticBeasts.”