“Enjoying the stars, eh?” said Scorch. She lay down next to Felix, Verum and Orak. The Gifted Four decided to watch the night sky adorned with a million twinkling stars. “Did you guys hear this? LEGO company released the set of Vincent van Gogh’s work, Starry Night, in three-dimensional. This idea was one of the many entries the company received under its ‘Lego Ideas’ contest,” said Scorch.

“Really?! I love Van Gogh’s art. His Starry Night painting is magnificent. Tell us more,” commented Verum.

“Lego, a popular toy-making company based in Billund, Denmark, invited its young-adult fans to submit entries for its ‘LEGO Ideas’ competition. The participants submit their concepts or ideas to build an all-new Lego set. The theme for this year was the night sky,” said Scorch.

“That is such a creative contest!” replied Felix.

“A 25-year-old Ph.D. student from Hong Kong, Truman Cheng, replicated the famous 1989 painting Starry Night with the moon, swirling clouds and a sleepy town in his three-dimensional set in Lego form,” said Scorch.

Looking at Felix scratching his head, Orak gestured Scorch to pause and added, “Felix, the objects that you see around you, the ones you can pick up, touch, and move around, is called three-dimensional objects. They are called three-dimensional as these shapes have length, width and height. Scorch, you may continue!”

“Exactly, Cheng used 3D to maintain the strong brushstrokes, color choice, the moon, swirling clouds, and a town shown in the painting. Cheng’s 3D set is complete with a little Lego Minifigure of Van Gogh with a paintbrush, easel, and pallet that can be attached to the frame. This set is being co-created in along with the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” Verum interrupted Scorch.

“That’s where the original painting has been placed since 1935!”

“Perfect! With this Minifigure, it appears as if Van Gogh is painting from where he is standing. This fan-designed set of Starry Night has 2,316 pieces. It can be kept on a table or can be hung on the wall like a normal painting.

More interestingly, art lovers can swap paint palettes for Lego bricks and re-create the painting,” added Scorch.

“Do you guys know,” said Verum now sitting up with a twinkle in her eye, “Van Gogh made this painting inspired by the view he saw from his window in Saint-Rémy, France. The Starry Night remains one of the world’s most well-known artworks,” added Verum.

“Whoa!” replied Felix. He picked up his wand lying beside him and used it like a paintbrush. The sky was his imaginary canvas. Verum, Orak and Scorch laughed seeing their friend turn into an artist inspired by this story!