“Researchers at the University of Southern California in the United States (US) are working on a treatment for osteoarthritis. The treatment takes inspiration from lizards!” Orak and Scorch gathered around when Felix was talking to Verum.

“Do lizards also have osteoarthritis,” Orak was stunned.

“What is osteo-theatre?” Scorch had never heard of it before.

“Osteoarthritis,” chucked Felix correcting Scorch, “It is a condition where joints in the human body ache and feel stiff because the protective cushioning between the bones reduces. This cushion helps avoid friction between the bones, but over time, the cushion reduces with age.

And, no, Orak, lizards don’t face such a health issue but they are the closest relatives to humans that can regenerate. You know if a lizard loses its tail or sheds it, it can regrow in around 60 days!” Felix disclosed.

“Woah! That is almost unbelievable! How do they do that?” Scorch was taken by surprise.

“They cannot regenerate bones, but they have a wonderful capacity to regenerate cartilage – which is a flexible and smooth tissue found in the human body too.

It helps provide support and cushioning between bones so if scientists figure out a way to understand the lizard’s way of regenerating cartilage, they might be able to use the same method on humans with osteoarthritis,” Felix raised a glimmer of hope, adding, “It will be a wonderful cure for those struggling with weaker bones and reduced cushion between them.”

“Wow! Who knew lizards that seem to do nothing by sticking to the walls and ceiling are actually turning out to be super helpful to humans,” Orak said in a tone approving of these creatures – which is very unlike him.