Using MysticLand magic, the Gifted Four had shrunk themselves to the size of ants just for fun. They were roaming and greeting other tiny creepy crawlies in the MysticGarden, when Scorch said, “Quick game! Who remembers Manchester City’s possibility to win the treble?”
Immediately, Felix raised his hand, “I do. Manchester City is an English football club and last time you told us that if a club wins three trophies in a single season, then it’s called a treble, an achievement in the world of football.”

“Excellent, Felix!” appreciated Scorch, “Manchester City or Man City as it is called, won the Premier League. It is the fifth Premier League title for Man City and the third consecutive title.”

“That’s amazing! This takes them even closer to the treble,” replied Felix.

Scorch agreed and added, “Another exciting news is about Napoli, an Italian professional football club, won the Serie A Title after 33 years!  It’s the third title for Napoli. The last two titles came under Diego Maradona (a famous football player) during the 1980s. It is a historic moment for Napoli.”

Orak interrupted, “The winner of the Serie A game is given a name, Scudetto.”

“That’s interesting, Orak! You do know about football!” Scorch said praising Orak’s information.

Just then Felix noticed a water droplet about to fall from a leaf above them, he wielded his wand in a jiffy and Gifted Four were back to their original size.