The Gifted Four were cleaning their dorm room. “Hey, don’t throw that away,” Orak stopped Verum from discarding a metal can.

“We can use it in my garden,” Felix agreed with Orak on reusing the can.

“That reminds me,” Felix quickly added, “I was told about exciting news from the human world. Recently, they found a volcanic microbe that can eat up great amounts of CO2, a gas that harms the Earth’s atmosphere when present in excess,” Felix said.

“What’s a volcanic microbe,” Scorch asked.

“A microbe is a very tiny organism, typically the size of a dust particle. We can’t even see it with our naked eyes. A volcanic microbe is found in or near a volcano,” Felix shared.

“This one lives in a volcano?” Orak prodded.

“Yes! This microbe was found near a volcano in Italy, a country in Europe. Scientists believe that this microbe with such an amazing trait is the result of over 3.6 billion years of evolution. But this is not new as microbes have been believed to be an efficient solution to tackle global warming and excess CO2 in the atmosphere,” Felix answered in excitement.

“Woah! So humans are all geared up to save their environment!” Scorch commented.

“How is this for a small cactus plant,” Verum asked, holding up the metal can in her hand which she painted in a few minutes.

The others said it was lovely, pretty and amazing.

The Gifted Four spent the rest of the day sorting out reusable items and cleaning their dorm.